How to get the Perfect Spray Tan

We don’t fake and bake, we spray. Obvy.

This is our secret sauce on how to get a wicked awesome spray tan, without icky lines etc. Well worth it in our opinion. Here is how we look golden. (We should add here that we are fans of iTan and specifically Mystic Tans.)

  • First and foremost EXFOLIATE and SHAVE yo body. We like to use exfoliating towels from Dermalogica.
  • If you are short on time and don’t want to sleep in your tan, go early in the AM and wear a loose fitting dress and add a scent to your mystic. 
  • You can add an enhancer to your tan to make it develop more quickly, but really, you don’t need it.

  • Take off all your jewels
  • Literally drench your hands and feet with Blending Cream. Use a lot of it, A LOT.

  • To avoid getting your entire feet black or orange looking, we lay a towel down on the numbers and just rotate the towel as we rotate. Black foot bad.



how to stand spray tan

When it sprays the front of your smokin’ haute bod:

  • Bend in your knees a little, keep them soft to avoid white wrinkle lines
  • Reverse goal post arms!
  • Crunch your fingers a little bit so the spray goes in between your finger cracks (white knuckles = dead spray tan giveaway)

spray tan how to stand

When it sprays your DONK side:

  • Reverse goal post arms
  • Hands face down, pull your fingers up so your hands are flat to the ground, again to avoid white wrinkes
  • STICK YOUR DONK OUT LIKE WHOA, no butt crease tan lines! Head down ass up.


Rock out with your wicked tan! Do it. 

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